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New Life Global Ministries has a strong desire to mobilize healthy, multiplying, and disciple-making, there, and everywhere. If you sense God calling you to use your vocation to impact the nations, let's chat about how God can use us together to finish the mission!

missionary residency

The goal of this residency is to equip and mobilize catalytic leaders/missionaries to multiply healthy disciples, pioneer churches, and train leaders locally and globally until there is #NoPlaceLeft without the gospel. After completing the residency, residents will be ready to be sent to the ends of the earth as NLGM missionaries.

Specifically, this residency will equip leaders by cultivating Christ-like CHARACTER, clarifying CALLING and spiritual gifts, growing in CONFIDENCE and COMPETENCY of strategy and skills, and providing a COMMUNITY of practice for encouragement, loving accountability, and partnership.

Key Principles:

  • Go and proclaim the GOSPEL to the lost rather than expecting them to come to us.

  • Make DISCIPLES who obey Jesus’ commands, rather than converts with a lot of head knowledge.

  • TRAIN our disciples to be disciple-makers.

  • Disciples GATHER into churches (existing or new ones).Our practice will be guided first, by NT commands, second, by the patterns of Jesus, Paul, and the early church, and third, by human/church traditions.

  • ABIDING with Jesus is the foundation for all maturity and mission.

Based in Martinsburg, WV with travel to other cities and countries.

Timeframe and Schedule:
Short-term and long-term options (2-24 months). Full-time and part-time

Weekly time with the following:

  • NLGM Practitioners – Get Equipped

  • Harvest (Enter, Gospel, Disciple, Gather, Train) – Making Healthy, Multiplying Disciples

  • Residency Team Gathering – Iron Sharpening Iron

  • Personal Preparations (Readings, Writing, Practicing Trainings) – Being a Disciple

  • Personal Accountability – Simple Obedience

  • Ministry Partner Development – Bringing Others on the Journey

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